Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yoga Photography

Recently I have been having a wonderful time photographing fabulous (and glamorous!) yoginis. It's been tons of fun figuring out the perfect angles and accessories to create these fun and unique images of their yoga practice.

My yoginis are truly amazing women. Not only are they able to do incredible things with their bodies, but they are also fun and impressive people both inside and out. While the fusion of yoga and glamour in our images is perhaps non-traditional, the convergence of wonderful traits within these ladies is a fine example of yoga at it fullest. You ladies are a blast and I'm honored to have photographed you!

I'm also super excited for the upcoming yoga photo sessions I have with several wonderful yoga teachers. It will be an honor to capture each of your 23 wonderful, unique and amazing selves. Thank you all for sharing your practice with me. Enjoy the photos!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos, Sally! You are so talented and it was amazing (as always) to work with you! So excited about the debut of your blog.